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Escape,Embark & Enjoy

Your next culinary adventure awaits
The moment you enter The Lake Room’s ambiance will whisk you away, so you can escape the outside world and embark on a culinary adventure like no other. Enjoy service that is second to none, craft cocktails you will want to explore, wines that pair perfectly with every entrée and pallet, and food that will leave the taste buds wanting more.

Inspiredby Nature

The magic of nature and the seasons drives us to transform the wonderful produce of this rich land into dishes that excite and tell our story of Minnesota.
A root nestles deep in the soil.
A sorrel leaf is blown by the damp wind.
A scallop is plucked from briny water.
A flame sears a filet.
Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.
Food can be art…and it can be theatre.
It can be a memory…and it can be emotion.
It can be the taste of our heritage…and the flavor of our future…
…all in one single bite.